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The care and community you need to start your parenthood journey

Bringing your new baby home can be scary and overwhelming! Many moms are still recovering from rough pregnancies or stressful deliveries, and don’t have the proper time and care to heal.

Fourth Trimester Retreat is a luxury postnatal retreat in Chicago (often called a postpartum retreat) that provides a space where you, your baby, and your partner will receive the care, attention and support you need during this transitional period to make your postpartum experience a peaceful transition into parenthood.

What's the Fourth Trimester?

The fourth trimester is the first 12 weeks after you deliver your baby. It’s a time of major physical and emotional change as your baby adjusts to life on the outside, and you adjust to your new life as a mom. The fourth trimester is a critical time for you, your baby and your family to have the care and support you deserve. Fourth Trimester is a postnatal retreat, often called a postpartum retreat, where we do just that – provide the care and support you need and deserve.

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While giving birth can feel like finally crossing the finish line, the marathon of motherhood is just beginning. Postpartum can feel like a lot. It’s a time of immense change when emotions- and hormones- are running wild, and anxiety can creep in. Our goal at Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreat in Chicago is to relieve new parents of the pressure and alleviate fears. We provide guests with valuable resources including doulas and lactation consultants, as well as a community to join and lean on for support. From mom groups to fitness classes, massage treatments and so much more, Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreat offers all the tools you need to start your journey into parenthood.

For many parents, postpartum can feel isolating, but with Fourth Trimester, a postpartum retreat, you’re not alone. It takes a village. Let us be yours.


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