4 Ways to Protect Your Baby During Cold and Flu Season

4 Ways to Protect Your Baby During Cold and Flu Season

4 Ways to Protect Your Baby During Cold and Flu Season

We are officially in the middle of cold, flu, RSV and COVID season. Let’s talk about cold and flu season tips for baby:

cold and flu season tips for baby sleeping in white swaddle

1. Breastfeed

If possible, breastfeed. Breast milk is like a superhero potion for infants, packed with antibodies and immune-boosting magic that shields them from infections. Little ones who breastfeed, even if they are combo-fed, are much less likely to catch tricky bugs – especially those nasty respiratory ones. And here’s the cool part: whether mom or baby is dealing with illness, the breast milk composition shifts to include protective antibodies and enzymes that speed up the recovery process. Breast milk is super easy on the tummy. It provides a tailor-made blend to help your baby bounce back from an upset stomach.

2. Get Vaccinated

Children 6 months and over can get the flu and COVID vaccines. For RSV: if you are currently pregnant, you can actually get the RSV vaccine between 32-36 weeks. This reduces the risks of RSV-related hospitalization for your newborn by over 80%. Also, when parents are vaccinated, they are less likely to get sick themselves and thus less likely to spread sickness to their babies.

3. Avoid Crowds and Large Indoor Gatherings

These are the obvious situations where you are much more likely to catch or spread illnesses. Peak cold and flu season is between December-February, so just remember that this is a temporary measure. Continue to stick to smaller groups when possible.

4. Babywear

Carrying your baby has a neat side effect: it naturally discourages people from getting too close. This is great during cold and flu season. If your little one is snuggled up on your chest, it acts as a sort of shield against unwanted germ encounters. Wearing your child also allows you to move around freely and quickly, cover their head, or turn away if anyone gets too close. For those with older, sniffly kiddos, using a sling or carrier makes it simple to keep your baby away from the toys and surfaces the sick sibling has been in contact with. Practical and convenient!

Stay healthy using these cold and flu season tips for baby! Questions? Reach out to our expert infant specialists for help at home with our 4T at Home services.