Establishing a Post-Vacation Routine

New parents working on a post-vacation routine for baby

Establishing a Post-Vacation Routine

Establishing a Post-Vacation Routine

I’m Frances. I’m a licensed professional counselor and a perinatal mental health provider. 

I’m sharing my tips on how to establish a post-vacation routine

Getting back into a routine after the holidays can be really, really tough, especially when you have little ones. And, especially when their sleep cycles and routines have been all thrown out of whack.

Tips for Establishing a Post-Vacation Routine

1. Prioritize basic hygiene. And what I mean is just having a small routine for yourself in the morning, do your skincare, brush your teeth, take a shower if that’s your thing. But making time to do the little things that make you feel more human is going to go a long way.

2. Stay patient and be flexible. Little ones are often a lot more resilient than we give them credit for, but if you stick to your routines and do what you can to stay on the schedule that they’re used to, they will generally bounce right back.

3. Think about what your priorities are to have a nice, organized and safe conducive environment for focus and routine. So for some people, that’s being tidy. For some people, that’s meal prep. For some people, that’s prioritizing time to move their body. So whatever it is for you that helps you feel more focused and in control, prioritize that you cannot pour from an empty cup. And if you are not in a good place, nothing will be in a good place.

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