As Seen In: The NY Post — Postnatal Retreats For Postpartum Recovery and Baby Bonding

Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreats mom and baby with caregiver

As Seen In: The NY Post — Postnatal Retreats For Postpartum Recovery and Baby Bonding

As Seen In: The NY Post — Postnatal Retreats For Postpartum Recovery and Baby Bonding

Postnatal Retreats — Picture this: Mom swaddling a crying newborn while Dad frantically takes notes from the home nurse you panic-hired, who lectures you on the proper protocol for applying ointment to newborns.

Already breaking out in a cold sweat? It doesn’t have to be that way.

While boutique postnatal centers are commonplace in many Asian countries, they are few and far between stateside. It appears the tide may be turning with a growing number of postnatal retreats popping up, where new moms can recover from childbirth, connect with their newborn and even enjoy some spa services.

These sanctuaries allow new moms (and dads) to find their bliss with baby.


Proponents of the importance of maternal wellness have long supported postnatal centers to cater to new moms, and this is the first such gathering place for New Yorkers, held at the Thompson Central Park in Manhattan.

Launched in May 2022, Boram Postnatal Retreat provides round-the-clock care to new families who are from zero to six weeks postpartum. On-site, expect a team of nurses, lactation consultants, postpartum doulas and more to guide you through topics such as breastfeeding, formula feeding, swaddling, bathing and establishing infant routines (ding ding ding). You’ll also have access to a 24/7 nursery overseen by trained team members, complete with a camera on each baby for when you need some me-time.

The lounge provides a place to connect with other new parents, nosh on nutritious snacks and beverages and partake in daily workshops on topics like newborn safety and CPR and baby wearing (you know, those slings).

Moms get three tasty and nutrient-dense meals a day geared towards healing and recovery. Enjoy those when you’re not, say, lounging in a sitz bath to aid with your perineal recovery, enjoying a foot bath to help reduce swelling or being pampered with a postnatal massage that yes, your husband should buy for you.

From $950 per night, three night minimum. Some months have a waitlist, so booking is recommended four months ahead of your due date.

Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreat

Launched in October 2023 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC, Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreat was founded by Megan Francis, a mom and nurse practitioner who wanted to provide a “soft landing” for new families, inclusive of surrogacy and adoption.

From the moment you arrive, you can enjoy this iconic hotel’s luxury amenities as well as 24/7 as-you-want-it baby care and one-on-one consultations with mental health therapists, doulas, breastfeeding specialists, nurse practitioners and more to support you through this new chapter.

Speaking of luxe amenities, when hunger strikes, you can nosh on healthy curated menus or fare from the hotel’s award-winning chefs at Kingbird. All this and more is rounded out by instructor-led courses covering meal prep, baby wearing and CPR.

From $815 per night, three night minimum.

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