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Doula Services

Doula Services

Fourth Trimester Retreat offers Doula Services in Chicago designed to provide unwavering support and guidance to expectant parents as they navigate the incredible experience of childbirth.

At Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreat, we understand the impact that a positive birth experience has on both the mother and their partner, and that includes doula services. Our team of dedicated doulas is committed to empowering you with knowledge, support and personalized care throughout your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey.

Learn more about our passionate and experienced doulas and doula services and discover how 4T at Home can help you.


Our Doula Services Include

  • Unlimited on-call text and email support
  • Full-time attendance at delivery
  • Guidance on comfort measures and optimal labor positioning
  • Hands-on support and physical assistance
  • Streamline communication with healthcare providers
  • Postpartum follow-up care
  • Aid the transition into parenthood and the fourth trimester


Contact us at info@fourthretreat.com.

Our Featured Doulas:

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