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Doula Services

Doula Services

4T at Home offers Doula Services in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia areas designed to provide unwavering support and guidance to expectant parents as they navigate the incredible experience of childbirth.

At Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreat, we understand the impact that a positive birth experience has on both the mother and their partner, and that includes doula services. Our team of dedicated doulas is committed to empowering you with knowledge, support and personalized care throughout your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey.

Learn more about our passionate and experienced doulas and doula services and discover how 4T at Home can help you.

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Our Doula Services Include

  • Birth preparedness classes
  • Unlimited on-call text and email support
  • Full-time attendance at delivery
  • Guidance on comfort measures and optimal labor positioning
  • Hands-on support and physical assistance
  • Streamline communication with healthcare providers
  • Postpartum follow-up care
  • Aid the transition into parenthood and the fourth trimester

  • Up to 4 birth preparation sessions
  • Attendance at delivery (unlimited hours)
  • 1-2 postpartum follow up sessions
  • Unlimited on-call text and email support

  • Rates vary based on certification and experience
  • $30-35/hour daytime (4 hour minimum)
  • $35-45/ hour overnight (8 hour minimum)


Contact us at info@fourthretreat.com.

Our Featured Doulas:

Meet Our Featured Doulas

Doula Fabiana

Fabiana Neves

Birth/Postpartum Doula

Fabiana or “Fabi” as we call her, was born and raised in NOVA. She is half Brazilian and Costa Rican, and speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and English. She is an avid powerlifter and soccer player in her free time. Fabi is an amazing mother to her 4 year old daughter Alejandra, and was also a surrogate to a wonderful family and helped two dads grow their family just last year. She is passionate about helping all women, but particularly women of color as they are the most at risk throughout the birthing process. She felt her most powerful when giving birth, and wants to help mothers and families feel empowered during their own birthing journeys. We are so excited to have her not only as a birth doula, but also a a postpartum doula, who can see families at our physical retreat and through 4T at Home.

Tatiana 'Tati' Walker

Infant Care Specialist, Birth/Postpartum Doula

Tatiana or “Tati” is from Prince George’s county, Maryland. She spends her days studying as an undergraduate student while also working as a Doula and Infant care specialist. Tatiana felt drawn to the birth world after seeing how beautiful birth can be when the family has both prenatal and postpartum support.

She is passionate about teaching mothers and families how important their voice is and how to use it to advocate for themselves, especially the queer/BIPOC community as they are at a higher risk of birth trauma due to bias.

Doula Tati

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